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Sports directory UK has since its set up in 1993 maintained a very strong partnership with Mitre Sports culminating in Sports Directory being the first to offer mitre products online as a Mitre partner with a direct link from the Mitre website.

We offer the complete mitre range of products in football, basketball, cricket, netball and rugby. We have always promoted the mitre brand of footballs in particular with our outstanding ball deals which offer the most popular and price competitive mitre footballs: The mitre calcio, mitre ultimatch, mitre tactic, mitre madrid, mitre cyclone and mitre soft touch.

You will also find the new mitre balls of offer here on our site. These include the mitre revo, mitre vasco, mitre sensation, mitre revolve, mitre Xtreme. The mini footballs for revo and vasco are also available. In the sports clothing section, we support the Contender, Revolve and Raptor football boots and offer the mitre training bibs at competitive prices.

We hope you find that particular product designed for you at the best price, and hope you come back again and again to visit and hunt our deals.

Thank you.

Sports Directory UK Team

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