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C1131 Slazenger Airball Pack Senior

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24 x Senior airballs. 1 x Ball bag. Soft plastic construction. Ideal for coaching & practice. Reduced sting. Exceptional value. Sizes junior & senior

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C534:Readers Gold 'A'

A top quality grade 'A' ball. Quality stitched leather. Finished in England. Sizes 4¾oz & 5½oz

Normally Retails @ £9.00

C537:Readers Special School/Club

Hand stitched leather ball. Ideal for schools. Suitable for all ages. Sizes 4¾oz & 5½oz

Normally Retails @ £5.00

C540:Readers Allplay

Like a hard tennis ball. Lightweight practice balls. Excellent coaching aid with a seam. Sold in boxes of six assorted colours

Normally Retails @ £10.00

C1000:Extra Special 'A' Cricket Ball 5.5oz

A top quality grade 'A' ball. Quality hand stitched. Alum tanned leather. Size 5½oz

Normally Retails @ £11.00

C1051:Slazenger Academy Batting Tee

An excellent tool for introducing children to basic batting skills. Sold per tee

Normally Retails @ £2.50

P707:Foam Sponge Ball 20cm

Uncoated lightweight foam ball. 20cm diameter. Available in blue, green, red & yellow

Normally Retails @ £4.00

M902:Slazenger Mini Tennis Orange Bucket (5 doz)

Designed for players starting out in the game. The core of the ball has been developed with low compression & is approximately 50% slower than a standard tennis ball. Sold in a 60 ball bucket

Normally Retails @ £55.00

M903:Slazenger Intro Tennis Green Bucket (5 doz)

Developed as the ideal transitional ball from mini tennis to a standard tennis ball. Lower pressure than a standard tennis ball which makes it approximately 25% slower giving players more time to react. Sold in a 60 ball bucket

Normally Retails @ £55.00

T1134:Slazenger Academy 5 Dozen Trainer Bucket

Super value.. Quality coaching tennis balls from Slazenger.. Perfect for coaching & training.. Sold in a 60 ball bucket..

Normally Retails @ £35.00

  •  24 x Senior airballs
  •  1 x Ball bag
  •  Soft plastic construction
  •  Ideal for coaching & practice
  •  Reduced sting
  •  Exceptional value
  •  Sizes junior & senior
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