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V1006 Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

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Artistic inspired colours & geometric shapes. Synthetic leather cover for enhanced durability. 18 panel machine sewn construction for optimal shape retention. Butyl rubber bladder for extended air retention

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B513:Maxi Blade 4.3 Badminton Racket

Combining titanium alloy & steel construction. Hard working, no-nonsense racket. Ideal for school, college & sport centre use. Iso frame head shape for increased shuttle contact area

Normally Retails @ £5.00

B517:C100 Shuttlecocks (per 6)

Ideal for school & local authority use. Top quality at an exceptional price. Our best selling shuttle

Normally Retails @ £3.00

N1000:Mitre Control Netball

Grippy soft-touch emboss. Ideal for individual skill development & team training sessions. hand-stitched training ball. Perfect for all conditions. Concept featuring a different colour for each size to make ball identification much easier. Size 5 - Pink. Size 4 - Blue

Normally Retails @ £5.50

R1000:Mitre Federation Rugby Ball

Excellent value training ball. Made from a natural rubber compound surface with deep pimple emboss for a great grip. Strong 2 ply vulcanised lining. Full weight training ball. Concept featuring a different colour for each size to make ball identification much easier. Size 5 - red. Size 4 - blue. Size 3 - green

Normally Retails @ £5.00

F1088:Mitre Impel Pink Football

Soft-touch ball ideal for school use. 3.5mm foam ball makes the impel very forgiving. All-weather training ball. Reinforced bladder retains ball shape & pressure for longer. Available in 3 exclusive colours. White/orange, yellow & pink. Sizes 3, 4 & 5

Normally Retails @ £5.95

P707:Foam Sponge Ball 20cm

Uncoated lightweight foam ball. 20cm diameter. Available in blue, green, red & yellow

Normally Retails @ £3.50

F5120:Space Markers (per 50)

200mm diameter flexible plastic markers. Complete with carry handle. Set of 50 in 5 colours

Normally Retails @ £8.00

F1029:Sequence Discs

Flat space marker, ideal for use on hard surfaces such as astro turf and indoor. Non slip rubber. Complete with mesh carry bag. Set of 20. Size 20cm x 20cm

Normally Retails @ £18.00

B1078:Mitre Training Bib Junior

Pro level bib made with 100% polyester micro mesh to give lightweight & breathable performance. Available in black, green, orange, pink, red, royal, sky, white & yellow. Sizes x small (Chest size 26 -32 ), small (Chest size 32 -36 ), medium/large (Chest size 38 -44 )

Normally Retails @ £1.50

  •  Artistic inspired colours & geometric shapes
  •  Synthetic leather cover for enhanced durability
  •  18 panel machine sewn construction for optimal shape retention
  •  Butyl rubber bladder for extended air retention
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