We are the original sports innovator. Our formula has been rigorously applied, and the work has been profound: hire the best thinkers and partner with the most innovative sporting minds from the grassroots level on up. Find it, fix it, improve it, speed it up, make it lighter, make it easier. Make it better. That is what we have done for over a hundred years, and that is what will keep us going for a hundred more. Whether you’re a future Hall of Famer, an amateur or strapping on the gear for the first time, there’s a powerful bond that exists between every athlete and the tools they use on the field, court or course: their equipment. And through it all — the wins, the losses, highs and lows, the celebrations and the irreconcilable differences—it’s this bond that endures throughout all of it. Each piece of Wilson gear represents a promise. It is a promise of potential; a promise of an advantage, a powerful edge; a promise of hope that, against all odds, under the most trying circumstances, we are teammates who will be there for our athletes.

Wilson American Football
American Football

A Wilson American Football is more than a ball, it’s the centrepiece of the game. A tool for victory on all levels of play. Delivering top performance through purity, authenticity and innovation.

Wilson Basketball

The Preference of the dedicated. Unifying through devotion, providing players with the confidence needed to run the court


Wilson Tennis Racket
Tennis Rackets

Get started on the court with our selection of junior and adult rackets.

Wilson Tennis Balls
Tennis Balls

Stay on the court for longer with our training balls. Practice that serve, perfect your groundstrokes and master the drop shot.

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