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Welcome to the Sports Directory website, Sports Directory is a division of BSL International. Sports Directory has been supplying sports equipment to Schools, Prisons, Sports Clubs and other Public Sector organisations since 1993. In recent years we have extended our excellent customer focused service to sportsmen and sportswomen through our online shop. Sports Directory is a schools’ specialist organisation, specialising in providing sports equipment to educational establishments, including primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges.

Please browse through our massive range to find that perfect value for money deal, only available from Sports Directory UK. Our website, like our printed catalogue, follows a logical alphabetical order. You can shop by product; just click the relevant sport shown on the left hand side of the shop page. The sports listed are: athletics, badminton, basketball, best buys, cricket, first aid, football, Nike teamwear, gymnastics, health, hockey, mini squash, mini tennis, netball, rugby, swimming, rounders, softball, speed and agility, squash, storage, table tennis, tennis, training bibs, trampolines and volleyball.

Our athletics section features alloy relay batons, plastic relay batons in junior and senior sizes, indoor shot putt, outdoor shot putt, cast iron shot putt, rubber discus, wooden discus, javelins, stopwatches and measuring tapes. For primary school sports, we supply foam shot, foam discus and foam javelins. We also supply larger items such as senior high jump stands, junior high jump stands, fibre glass lathes, crash mats, landing areas and hurdles. We can provide all the necessary equipment for school sports days and sporting fun days, including tug of war ropes, sandpit rakes, team braids, loud hailers and of course complete medal sets.

Our range of badminton rackets includes Carlton and Rucanor badminton rackets, with a variety of Carlton shuttlecocks at various speeds, both feather shuttlecocks and synthetic-based shuttlecocks. The badminton packs can provide a starter kit for either a Primary School, with the junior pack or a Secondary School, College or club, with the senior pack. A variety of badminton posts and nets can also be purchased, including club wheelaway posts and educational wheelaway posts.

The basketball section includes a range of balls from Baden, featuring the baden Lexum Comp, Baden Contender, Equalizer, Enforcer, Baden England DX, Baden BR427 and Baden All Star. We also offer heavy duty basketball units which can be wall mounted, portable or free standing, now including some that are designed for use in the primary school sector.

Our first aid section offers first aid kits for rugby and football, a handy sports first aid kit as well as an astroturf first aid kit. Our statutory first aid kits ensure that you are compliant with health and safety regulations. Cold packs, freeze spray, disposable foil blankets, stretchers and pupil accident books equip schools to deal with first aid emergencies. To help sports men and women monitor their progress we supply (range) a selection of Polar Heart Rate Monitors notable models include the Polar FT1, FT2 and RS300X. Mini tennis is on the increase and we are able to offer the necessary equipment to get you started. Why not try our training foam balls, indoor foam ball, shortex foam ball and the mini tennis orange ball all made by Slazenger. Rackets include the Slazenger smash and mini tennis plastic rackets. Mini tennis nets and posts are available, as well as some mini tennis sets which include a net and post set, 4 plastic Slazenger rackets and 12 foam balls.

Speed and agility products are essential for those training sessions. Sportsdirectory can help put the fun back in training with our agility poles, evasion belt, slalom poles, speed agility ladder, round rung speed ladder, power speed chute, reaction ball and colour coded ladder kit. Work out cards for senior ages groups provide structured agility exercises, as do the Quickness and Agility for Sport DVDs and the mulit-coloured ladder DVD. These items are available individually, but sets can also be purchased for secondary and primary schools. There is a Primary School starter kit and a Primary School fitness kit, and a Secondary introduction pack and a Secondary speed and quickness kit. We also provide a Mitre agility speed training kit, senior football training kit and a Fitness is Fun kit.

In our squash department you will find the Dunlop Tempo graphite (impact max) racket, the Tempo lite Ti (dunlop max TI) racket, the Dunlop hire racket, as well as a selection of Dunlop squash balls. Protective goggles are also available. Our football range includes balls from major manufacturers like Mitre and Nike. In the mitre range, we offer the max, monde, ultimatch, tactic, (calico)calcio, Malmo, impel, midas and ace, along with specialist balls like the indoor cyclone, mouldmaster, and mini ace (trix) balls.

One of our most popular products is the Mitre Training bibs which come in a selection of colours. For great value for money, our Football Deal offers great savings for balls, ball sacks, bibs, referee’s wallet, coaching clipboard, captain’s armband and drinks bag and bottles. Available in a variety of ball sizes, appropriate for both Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. Football kits form Nike teamwear ensure your team looks the part – we supply the Nike Classic III Jersey, Nike Inter stripe II jersey, Nike Striker II Jersey, nike victory jersey, Nike Park IV Jersey and the Park III goalie jersey. Nike Park knit shorts and Nike Park Game Socks all come in a wide variety of colours. Padded goalie pants and padded goalie shorts are also available. Nike Team rain jackets and pants and the woven warm up tracksuits, team fleece hoodies, Team polos and swoosh tee complete the range of football clothing.

On the Rugby front, we stock a wide variety of balls from Gilbert rugby. The range of balls includes the Gilbert Vapour, Dimension, Mercury, Zenon and VX300. We also sell Mitre rugby balls; the Sabre rugby, Scrum, Mulitiplex and Max-460, they all offer quality performance at a budget price. For Rugby League we supply the Steeden Classic Rugby ball. We offer a range of rugby protection equipment; notable among the range are the body armour suits, braincell headguards and mouthguards. For rugby tackle equipment, we sell Gilberts tackle bags, body wedges, technique and curved wedge; also tag tackle belts. Aluminium and steel rugby posts are available in hinged or socketed options, and rugby post protectors can also be purchased. We are also suppliers of Gilbert rugby clothing and supply the Gilbert Storm Jacket and storm trousers, Gilbert Xact Rugby Shirts, Gilbert Hooped Xact Rugby Shirts and rugby shirts in a variety of sizes and colours with Gilbert’s Kiwi rugby shorts and Gilbert training socks to complete the rugby kit.

Our cricket range includes cricket bats, batting gloves, thigh pads, wicket keeping gloves, batting pads, helmets, kwik cricket sets and cricket balls from Gray-Nicolls, Slazenger and Alfred Readers. Kwik cricket sets are an ideal introduction to cricket for Primary Schools and items can be purchased individually or as a Kwik Cricket Set. An alternative plastic cricket set it the Gray-Nicolls Nitro set. We stock a variety of stumps and bails, wooden and steel spring return stumps, metal stumps, Slazenger pro stumps and bails and Slazenger Select stumps and bails which are available in both junior and senior sizes. We also stock a wooden target stump. For school cricket matches there is a variety of Slazenger holdalls for transporting kits – the Slazenger Elite pro, Elite, Pro, Panther and the Elite Pro Duffle bag or from Readers their team canvas holdall and duffle bag. We can also supply a portable scoreboard and scorebooks, umpire coats and a Teach Cricket book with teaching plans and wet weather lessons. Portable cricket cages and wooden pole bays are ideal for net practice, and the Harrod Rebound trainer gives catching practice. Sports Directory UK can also supply both indoor and outdoor cricket matting with many other cricket accessories.

Netball, Badminton and Volleyball are not left out from the Sportsdirectory UK range. In netball we have a range of Mitre and Gilbert balls to choose from including the pulse, intercept, shooter,flash, attack, and ultragrip. These balls are suitable for every player level. We also offer affordable netball posts and nets from HarrodUK limited. Gilbert’s netball bibs, both standard and reversible bibs are available in a wide variety of colours. Gilberts Eclipse netball dresses and Gilbert Eclipse netball shorts are supplied with the patch netball bib. The netball pack provides netballs, netball bibs and a ball sack at an affordable price in sizes appropriate for both primary school aged players and players at secondary and senior levels.

For Volleyball, we have the following range of balls: Mikasa MVA 310, MGV330, SV-2, MGV 230, MGV 180, and the VSV101 squish volleyball. From Rucanor we have the Super Touch, VB4500, VB5000, training pro and Super Soft volleyballs among others. We offer the mobile HarrodUK Sportset net system which can easily be assembled for a game and dissembled and packed away afterwards. Carlton Badminton shuttlecocks in a range of styles are sold including the Carlton C100, Carlton T800, both in white and yellow shuttlecocks, and Carlton F2, again as white and yellow shuttlecocks. Our Badminton rackets include Carlton powerblade, Carlton 4.3 senior and Carlton 4.3 junior providing rackets suitable for both primary and secondary school pupils. Harrod badminton posts and nets for all levels including educational use are available.

Sports Directory have a comprehensive range of Tennis rackets ranging from the Slazenger classic available in sizes 27”,25”,23” and 21” the Dunlop 5 hundred which is also available in 27”,25”,23” and 21” and the Dunlop 2Hundred rackets, which are also available in a full range of sizes for pupils of both primary and secondary schools. Slazenger tennis ball buckets are very popular as are the Wimbledon ultra vis. Low compression tennis balls are also featured. We sell the full range of Butterfly Table tennis tables, including the popular butterfly playback rollaway and Butterfly space saver models. Table tennis nets, Table tennis bats and Table tennis balls are also featured with enough variety to suit everyone. (Low compression tennis balls are also featured. ) We also feature products for Softball.

In our Rounders section you can find rounders posts and rounders bases, rounders balls, rounders sticks, these can be spliced or un-spliced rounders sticks. All our bats are NRA approved.

In Gymnastics we have balance benches, vaulting bucks, vaulting boxes, springboards, floor balance bars and training beams. All the necessary safely mats are also available.

Trampolines are very popular and we offer the 77A trampoline which is our most popular trampoline for schools, and the GM Trampolines which are appropriate for competition use, as well as trampettes and push on mats. Gymballs, rhythmic clubs, ribbon and wand sets are also in stock and available. Taking sports seriously means catering for sports clothing needs and in that respect we have an assortment of training bibs for football, netball, hockey, basketball and rugby, manufactured by Nike, Gilberts, Mitre, Rucanor and Philips Tuftex. We stock reversible bibs for netball and a range of Nike teamwear for football.

Our fitness range includes products from Reebok, Rucanor and Tunturi York. Reebok offer the Reebok gymballs, dumbbell set, step and reebok training bars. Tunturi specialise in treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines. We are suppliers of York 140kg olympic sets. York also do a wide range of fitbells and dumbells, available indidually and in sets. The Kettler multigyms, Tunturi treadmills, cycles, cross trainers and rowers are also supplied.

Sportsdirectory are famous for our unique offers. You can find these throughout our website but keep a special eye out for our Cricket pack, basketball pack, hockey pack, netball pack, rugby pack softball pack, tennis pack and our ‘jewel in the crown’ Football Ball Deal which offers fantastic value for money. Many of these packs are now available in both junior and senior sizes to cater for primary schools as well as secondary schools.

Our new play section is aimed primarily at infant and junior schools, with equipment for playtime, as well as many great ideas for sports days, such as egg and spoon sets, hoola hoops, skipping ropes and bean bags. You will discover that our prices are highly competitive, we are also committed to low carriage charges. Any order with total weight less than 1 kg is shipped for as low as £2.95 (GBP), ensuring you have a rewarding experience on our website and keep coming back.

Thank you for visiting Sports Directory
The Sports Directory Sales Team
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